Dosimetry Servcices at Atomic Energy Council

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Section 14(1) of the Atomic Energy Act No. 24 of 2008, requires the Council to operate and maintain a Dosimetry service for purposes of ensuring that radiation measuring devices are worn by individuals who are occupationally exposed to radiation among others.

In that regard, Council acquired a Harshaw TLD reader (Model 6600 Plus, Serial no. 1305386) for reading and annealing Thermoluminisecnt dosimeters (TLDs) for personal monitoring to ensure that occupationally exposed radiation workers are aware of their absorbed doses and that doses do not exceed the regulatory limits as per schedule 3 of the Atomic Energy Regulations, 2012.

A thermoluminiscent dosimeter (TLD) is a device used to measure and record the exposure of individuals to ionizing radiation outside the body (external dose). These badges are used by persons who are exposed to X-rays, gamma rays, beta rays, or a mixture of these types of radiation.

Issue of TLDs

A TLD badge is issued upon subscribing to the Dosimetry service. At issuing, each badge is assigned to a wearer and the number of TLDs issued in a batch is equal to the number of persons monitored at that facility.

Wearing Period

Wearing periods may be 4, 8 or 12 weeks, depending on the nature of work, practice carried out or as guided by the Regulatory Authority. Currently the wearing period is three (3) months for all practices.

Return of TLDs

At the end of each wearing period, the TLDs are returned promptly to AEC for reading, annealing and calibration. Prompt return makes it possible to determine if any unusually high doses have been received. All TLDs should be returned after the wearing period, even if they have not been used.

Radiation Dose Forms and Records

Dose Reports are issued to a facility after assessment and the records are entered in the registry at AEC. The facility is required to keep and maintain the same records.

Payment for TLDs

The charges for reading a badge is 0.5 currency point per card as per schedule 6 of the Atomic Energy Regulation, 2012. This charge is subject to revision from time to time (1 currency point = UGX 20,000)

Replacement Cost of Card shall be determined by the Council from time to time, all charges are paid in the bank (no cash received)

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