Dosimetry and Nuclear Instrument

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Effective national capabilities are essential to minimize the impacts from nuclear and radiological incidents and emergencies and to build public trust in the safety and security of nuclear technology

The Atomic Energy Council, through the Radiological Emergency Response Committee (RERC) is the point of contact for national preparedness and response to radiological safety and security related events.

What is a radiological emergency?

A radiological emergency is an emergency in which there is, or is perceived to be, a hazard due to radiation exposure from a source. As sources of radiation are used in various fields, including industry, medicine and research, radiological emergencies may occur anywhere.


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Transport of Radioactive Material

Legal framework

The Atomic Energy Act No. 24 of 2008 (Laws of Uganda) established Atomic Energy Council (AEC) as a corporate body responsible for regulating the peaceful use of atomic energy matters in practices involving ionizing radiation in Uganda.

Part XII (Regulation 87-107) of the Atomic Energy Regulations, 2012 provides requirements on the safe Transport of Radioactive Material.

Schedule 7 of the Regulations provides for the radiation symbols and transport packages to be used during transport of Radioactive Material.

AEC therefore oversees the safe transportation of Radioactive Material and the protection of the carriers, the public and the environment through a combination of regulatory requirements, transportation package certification, inspections and a system of

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Nuclear Security

Nuclear materials and technologies have peaceful applications like power generation, radiation therapy, food processing, and industrial applications. However, nuclear materials and other radioactive sources can harm the people and environment if used by unauthorized persons.

Every state should establish or enhance the necessary infrastructure to protect nuclear and other radioactive materials from theft and diversion, protect nuclear installations and transport against sabotage and other malicious acts and to combat illicit trafficking in nuclear and radioactive sources.

In order to prevent illegal transfer of nuclear or other radioactive material and detect the falsification of relevant documents, Uganda should ensure that competent authorities adopt measures for authenticating documentation and package labeling for authorized shipments and for verifying the declared content

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