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AEC Core Regulatory functions

Review & Assessment of notifications & applications.

All facilities and persons intending to carryout practices involving the use of emission of ionizing radiation must notify AEC as per Section 34 of AEA and Regulation 13 of Atomic Energy Regulations, 2012 (AER) clearly stating the potential impact of the proposed practice to the environment. Additionally, all persons or facility must submit applications for authorization to carry out the intended practice to AEC as per Section 32 of the AEA and Regulation 15 of the AER. Review and assessment is then done to ascertain that all the required relevant information and documents have been provided during the notification and application process, and a decision made on whether or not to grant the authorization.

Inspection of facilities and activities

AEC is mandated to conduct inspections to assess radiation safety and security conditions and compliance with the Act, the regulations and other conditions specified in the authorization issued by AEC. The inspections are conducted based on a graded approach with priority given to the high risk practices based on the category of the radiation source. Both announced and unannounced inspections are carried out at facilities and practices within facilities to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirement


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